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APSECR: “To Science and Beyond”


There has never been a more exciting time to be a part of an organization where you will get a platform for exchange of knowledge and getting connected to the people from academia and industry around the world. APSECR membership puts you at the focal point of stage and gives you access to people, information, opportunities that will fortify your carrier. Being a member of APSECR gives you an aura where you can explore yourself beyond your limitations with the collaboration, learning, networking and professional growth with a plethora of wisdom.

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Benefits of Membership

Forum for placement opportunities

Platform that recognize & rewards young scientist’s achievement and contribution. 

Assistance for industrial visits/training.

Stage to showcase innovation & support technology transfer

Enrichment of knowledge by getting access to Webinars.

Recommendation to industry based on dissertation work.

To provide path for industry sponsor projects to work upon.

Technology transfer for the new research trends, advanced technologies and novel ideas.

To match with explosion in technology.

Advancing careers through employment opportunities and mentoring.

Assistance to gain Intellectual Property Rights (IPR’s).

To get entitled for number of awards given by APSECR.

Robust awards, fellowship and travelship programs. 

Expand professional and public outreach.

Advance scientific discovery, exchange and learning.

Networking opportunities in the field of science.

Give you wallet a break with increased savings on workshops, seminars, conference and other resources offered through APSECR.

Build your career network and find your field of interest.

Tap into the pool of APSECR resume advisor who can help you to boost your hiring potential with practical, on-trend resume writing tips.

Volunteer Opportunities

We are happy that you are interested in volunteering!


Why volunteer for us?

  • Opportunity to be a campus ambassador.

  • Chance to enhance your knowledge and leadership skills.

  • Help others learn and grow.

  • Broaden your network.

  • Opportunity to add a professional recognition to your profile


We hope you find an opportunity that is the perfect fit for you.

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